Walking directions from Kitay-Gorod metro station

~3 mins from Kitay-Gorod metro station (exit 5)

Maroseyka ulitsa, 9/13/2, stroenie 7, 1st floor.

Photo route

When leaving the metro, take exit 5.

The path on the photo along Maroseyka The path on the photo in front of the Ile de Bote store

Turn right to the Maly Zlatoustinsky pereulok:

The path on the photo of Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky pereulok The path on the photo in Maly Zlatoustinsky pereulok

This is our entrance. If the street door is locked, use code 8-key-8880.

Photo of the entrance door

Find our plate on the 1st floor. Door is not closed usually.

Here is Instagram video route.