Walking directions from Baumanskaya metro station

~4 mins from Baumanskaya metro station (exit 1)

Bakuninskaya ulitsa, 14, stroenie 1, 2nd floor.

Photo route

When leaving the metro, take exit 1.

Exit from the Baumanskaya metro station

Go to the first crossroads (with Bakuninskaya street):

Baumanskaya street

And turn right onto Bakuninskaya:

Turn to Bakuninskaya street

Branch of Raiffeisenbank

In front of the restaurant "ZA GORAMI" turn right and go through the entrance to the courtyard (free access):

ZA GORAMI restaurant

Go forward and to the left in the yard:



Inside, go up to the 2nd floor:

First floor

The beginning of the hallway on the 2nd floor

Here is Instagram video route.