Room R-7

up to 7 persons
14 m²

Room R-7 for individual psychological consultations, meetings and negotiations in an informal setting.


Loud techniques are not allowed in this office — screaming, singing, stomping, playing musical instruments, etc. 

Be sure to work with the door closed so as not to disturb other tenants. All group discussions, greetings by the participants to each other and farewell to each other are prohibited in the common corridor of the center!

No air conditioningPlease note that this office is not air conditioned!

Insufficient noise isolationYou can hear a conversation from a neighboring office.


  • Massage table ₽ need preorder;
  • Office supplies.

Wi-Fi networks

Unstable internet Get ready to use your personal mobile internet. See also rooms suitable for online work.

psychoplace: up to 10 Mbpsthe password is on the back of the room door.


The table shows the price for renting 1 hour.

since 8:00 till 23:00
up to 3 persons600 ₽
from 4 up to 7 persons650 ₽

"All morning" plan (hours block from 9 to 15): sale 20 %

Full day price:

up to 7 persons5 635 ₽


How to get there

Address: Pokrovka ulitsa, 3/7, stroenie 1B, 1st floor

From metro Kitay-Gorod take exit 5.
Follow Pokrovka street in the direction from the center.
After Devyatkin lane will be the right house. Walk in it to the arch with a blue plate of the house number “3/7 строение 1А” and go through the arch.
In the courtyard, go straight into the courtyard, a little to the left you will see a door with a canopy — this is the entrance.
If the street door is locked, use the code 41K4612.
Photo route.

Room R-7 is located in the left wing.


Room panorama 360°

By clicking on the "Start tour" button, you can look around in the office and even walk around this center!


Average room rating: 4.6 of 5 (на основе 14 оценок)

20 November at 10:27
Кабинет удобный, но немного душновато. А коридоре и туалете вообще жарко 🥵
19 October at 22:51
Очень эстетически приятное пространство — от коридора до самого кабинета. Понравилось внимание к деталям — салфетки, ручки/ листочки/ чай. Кабинет чистый, просторный. Обязательно вернусь еще
2 October at 23:22
Очень крутой кабинет. Светло, просторно. Мебель комфортная. Да и в целом все, начиная с холла и коридоров понравилось. Очень чисто и современно. Молодцы !!!!!!
13 September at 15:29
Всё хорошо о удобно. Очень уютный кабинет.
31 July at 18:23
Интересный кабинет, свежо, просторно. Понравилась цветовая гамма, освещение, Мягкая мебель приятная, все чистое и новое. Хорошо подобранный декор. Все со вкусом. Нашли все необходимое: горячий чай, вода, настольные принадлежности для работы. Удобно работать. Достойно, подходит для работы с высоким уровнем клиентуры
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