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Room V-12

up to 3 persons
5 m²

Room V-12 for individual psychological consultations, meetings and negotiations in an informal setting.


No air conditioning Please note that this office is not air-conditioned!

Room in neutral tones with rare moderate accents in decor.


  • Floor hanger;
  • Slipper tray;
  • Mirror.


  • Orange two-seater sofa;
  • Armchair;
  • White magazine table.


  • Office supplies.

Comfort and coziness

  • Water cooler with hot and cold water and everything for a coffee-break;
  • Two blankets.


  • Floor lamp.

Help with time management

  • Two wall clocks.

Wi-Fi networks

Unstable internet Get ready to use your personal mobile internet. See also rooms suitable for online work.

psychoplace, psychoplace_5G: up to 100 Mbpsthe password is on the back of the room door.


The table shows the price for renting 1 hour.

since 9:00 till 22:00
up to 3 persons400 ₽

"All morning" plan (hours block from 9 to 15): sale 20 %

Full day price:

up to 3 persons3 640 ₽


How to get there

Address: Kozhevnichesky proezd, 4/5, stroenie 5, 3rd floor

From the metro Paveletskaya take exit 3. Next, exit the station building and turn right onto Kozhevnicheskaya street. Walk along the street to the Kozhevniki shopping center (a rectangular brick building), in front of it turn left into Kozhevnichesky proezd. At the end of building 4/5, building 5 (in front of the bright orange business center), turn left and enter the entrance next to the Tasty cafe.
Photo route.

Room V-12 on the third floor (cherry-colored wooden door).



Average room rating: 4.6 of 5 (на основе 15 оценок)

23 November at 8:11
Очень специфический кабинет, в отличие от других кабинетов. Очень плохая звукоизоляция.кабинет и правда маленький, старый шумный куллер. Выбор чая-кофе был ограничен 4 пакетиками (буквально). Не рекомендую.
29 October at 11:42
Мне очень понравилось. Чисто, уютно. Есть салфетки на столе, чай, кофе и всё прочее, мне не понадобилось, но было приятно, что есть. Место удобное 👍
28 October at 20:14
Всё хорошо прошло, спасибо. Буду пользоваться в дальнейшем вашим сервисом
24 July at 12:24
Все отлично, спасибо!
24 July at 12:21
Все хорошо, спасибо :) Очень выручил Ваш кабинет)
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