Room А-3

up to 6 persons
17 m²

Room A-3 for individual and family psychological consultations, coaching, remote psychological work, psychological diagnostics, meetings and negotiations in an informal setting, tutoring, as well as small groups of up to 5 people + leader, for massage (a portable massage table must be ordered additionally).


Scandinavian-style room: light and airy, with bright accents of sky blue, soft pink and metered black.

The minimalism in the interior of the room is comfortable and functional, there is everything you need: four cozy laconic armchairs with a comfortable fit and high legs made of natural wood, a work desk, a pair of folding chairs, a floor cooler with heating and cooling and free space in the rack for your things in the office.


  • Mirror;
  • Shoe rack with slippers;
  • Antiseptic dispenser.


  • 4 armchairs: two gray, pink and blue;
  • Natural wood magazine table;
  • Table “Linnmon”‎, 120 ×60 cm;
  • Two folding chairs;
  • Large mirror.


  • Massage table ₽ need preorder;
  • Disposable sheets ₽ need preorder;
  • Portable flipchart ₽ need preorder;
  • Jungian sandbox 50 × 70 cm with stands ₽ need preorder;
  • Toys for sandplay therapy ₽ need preorder;
  • Magnetic whiteboard;
  • Ring lamp ₽ need preorder;
  • Office supplies;
  • Yoga mats.

Comfort and coziness

  • Air conditioner;
  • Water cooler with hot and cold water and everything for a coffee-break;
  • Soft cushions for chairs;
  • Blankets;
  • Natural flowers.


  • Floor lamp.

Help with time management

  • Wall clock.

Wi-Fi networks

Unstable internet Get ready to use your personal mobile internet. See also rooms suitable for online work.

psychoplace_A3: up to 25 Mbpsthe password is on the back of the room door.


The table shows the price for renting 1 hour.

since 9:00 till 17:00since 17:00 till 22:00
up to 6 persons550 ₽650 ₽

"All morning" plan (hours block from 9 to 15): sale 20 %

Full day price:

up to 6 persons5 355 ₽


How to get there

Address: Maly Zlatoustinsky pereulok, 2/9, stroenie 7, entrance 2, 1st floor, flat 21 (seconds address is Maroseyka ulitsa, 9/13/2, stroenie 7)

From the metro Kitay-Gorod take exit 5. The entrance is from Maly Zlatoustinsky side-street, look for the blue Notary Office sign. Go upstairs to the first floor, our rooms are behind the door 21 (photo route from Kitay-Gorod metro station and from Ploschad Revolyutsii metro station).
If the street door is locked, use code 8 [key] 8880.
Photo route from Kitay-Gorod metro station и from Ploschad Revolyutsii metro station.
Video route from Kitay-Gorod metro station.

Room A-3 behind the penultimate door on the right along the hallway.


Room panorama 360°

By clicking on the "Start tour" button, you can look around in the office and even walk around this center!


Average room rating: 4.5 of 5 (на основе 23 оценок)

18 April at 10:58
Все хорошо, но яркое холодное освещение конечно не дает расслабиться, а от одного торшера слишком мало света. Такая же ситуация в кабинете А-1
4 April at 16:14
Кабинет очень понравился. Чистый, уютный. Было приятно работать. Обязательно придём ещё
15 March at 22:11
Всё бы хорошо, но галогеновые лампы лучше конечно заменить. В остальном всё отлично!
4 October 2023 at 8:21
Кабинет большой и симпатичный, хорошо подошел бы для семейных консультаций, для индивидуальных - менее подходящий, смущают четыре кресла, поставленные в круг. Двигать их тяжело. А также мебель давно ждёт химчистки, грязные подоконники - неприятно. И Здорово было бы иметь альтернативу офисному свету на вечернее время
2 July 2023 at 20:49
Отличный удобный комфортный кабинет! Работала в кабинете А3 с массажным столом. Есть несколько пледов, подушки, вода, чай, сплит-система. Было тихо, спокойно.
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