Room A-4

up to 12 persons
22 m²

This spacious room A-4 is suitable for one-to-one and family sessions and various groups (up to 16 persons): family constellations, workshops, Balint groups, master classes and training exercises. The multimedia projector allows you to show videos. There's a laptop in the room, so you only have to attach a USB dongle. Now there's a folding gym mat (200 x 100 x 10 cm) for body-oriented therapy.


Loud techniques are not allowed in this room — screaming, singing, stomping, playing musical instruments, etc. Be sure to work with the door closed so as not to disturb other tenants. All group discussions, greetings by the participants to each other and farewell to each other are prohibited in the common corridor of the center!

A room of almost regular square shape, with a really large — 6 m² — window to the yard. The window sill area is convenient to use as a shelf for band members' handbags.

The room has its own pantry, in which you can remove everything unnecessary or, on the contrary, get everything you need from it. Thanks to this, the room can be easily transformed into a meeting room for 6 people.

You can order a flipchart in the room, there is also a large — 200 × 244 cm — marker surface, as well as a projector. Their use is already included in the rental price.

The brightness of the lighting is adjusted using the dimmer next to switch.


  • Shoe rack and a couple of wall hangers;
  • Wall mirror;
  • Antiseptic dispenser.


  • Turquoise three-seater sofa;
  • 2 pink soft armchairs;
  • Blue armchair;
  • 6 bright-colored comfortable Janinge IKEA chairs (stackable to save space);
  • 3 mobile folding tables 140×65 cm on castors;
  • Folding white chair — 1 pcs;
  • Tea trolley.


  • Big Wolly wipe-surface 150 × 200 cm;
  • Portable flipchart ₽ need preorder;
  • Multimedia projector with built-in speaker;
  • Laptop to play multimedia content;
  • Massage table ₽ need preorder;
  • Jungian sandbox 50 × 70 cm with stands ₽ need preorder;
  • Toys for sandplay therapy ₽ need preorder;
  • 4-folding Expert gym mat of hollow fiber with non-slip cover (full size 200 x 100 x 10 cm);
  • Ring lamp ₽ need preorder;
  • Office supplies;
  • Yoga mats;
  • Psychological games for groups: "I have never...", "Support", "Our Feelings", "Once Upon a Time in a Dark Forest".

Comfort and coziness

  • Air conditioner;
  • Water cooler with hot and cold water and everything for a coffee-break;
  • Blankets;
  • Accent pillows: violet, blue, lime and two with Amsterdam color print;
  • Natural flowers.


  • Top light with a dimmer;
  • Electric candles.

Help with time management

  • Wall clock;
  • Table clock.

Wi-Fi networks

Unstable internet Get ready to use your personal mobile internet. See also rooms suitable for online work.

psychoplace, psychoplace_5G: up to 25 Mbpsthe password is on the back of the room door.


The table shows the price for renting 1 hour.

since 9:00 till 22:00
up to 12 persons800 ₽

"All morning" plan (hours block from 9 to 15): sale 20 %

Full day price:

up to 12 persons7 280 ₽


How to get there

Address: Maly Zlatoustinsky pereulok, 2/9, stroenie 7, entrance 2, 1st floor, flat 21 (seconds address is Maroseyka ulitsa, 9/13/2, stroenie 7)

The entrance is from Maly Zlatoustinsky side-street, look for the blue Notary Office sign. Go upstairs to the first floor, our rooms are behind the door 21 (photo route from Kitay-Gorod metro station and from Ploschad Revolyutsii metro station).
If the street door is locked, use code 8-key-8880.
Photo route from Kitay-Gorod metro station и from Ploschad Revolyutsii metro station. Video route in Instagram.

Room A-4 is the last door on the right along the hallway.


Room panorama 360°

By clicking on the "Start tour" button, you can look around in the office and even walk around this center!


Average room rating: 4.5 of 5 (на основе 10 оценок)

29 August at 16:18
все хорошо, все понравилось, всего хватило) Спасибо!
29 August at 16:18
Все было прекрасно)
26 May at 12:34
Спасибо брльшое! Кабинет чудесный, с радостью, буду проводить там мероприятия! Клиенты довольны! Было бы здорово, если бы были влажные салфетки, чтобы можно было оперативно протереть столы. В остальном, чудо! Спасибо!
18 December 2022 at 17:23
Кабинет очень понравился. Большой, удобный. Есть диванчики, стульчик, всё необходимое. Кулер с водой, стаканчики, чашки + пакетики чая, сахар, какао. С проектором разобрались быстро, и оперативно смогли подключить ноут-бук с презентацией, всё отлично работало. Также удобное месторасположения и близость к метро. Спасибо!
15 December 2022 at 19:01
Очень удобный кабинет! Близость к метро делает это место еще более привлекательным!
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