Room B-13

up to 9 persons
24 m²

Room B-13 is suitable for hypnosis (there are three comfortable chairs with a high back and armrests), business meetings, coaching (there is a marker board 120 × 80 cm), classes with a tutor (work table for four), trying on clothes (there is a full-length mirror with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination), Access bars — three portable massage tables can be ordered in the room.


Slow Wi-Fi

Spacious close-to square-shaped office with two large windows and high ceilings on the last (second) floor of the old building, which has now become part of the business center.


  • Umbra pillar stool and coat rack;
  • Full Length Mirror;
  • Drawer unit;
  • Shoe rack with slippers.


  • Three comfortable chairs with a high back and armrests;
  • Four-seater workstation;
  • Two-seater sofa;
  • Gateleg table.


  • US Medica Panda massage table suitable for pregnant massage ₽ need preorder;
  • Massage table ₽ need preorder;
  • Disposable sheets ₽ need preorder;
  • Wolly wipe-surface 120 × 80 cm;
  • Flipchart ₽ need preorder;
  • Ring lamp ₽ need preorder;
  • Yoga mats, 5 pcs
  • Office supplies;
  • Sand animation table.

Comfort and coziness

  • Water cooler with hot and cold water and everything for a coffee-break;
  • Air conditioner;
  • Carpet, 133 × 195 cm;
  • Blankets, 3 pcs;
  • Natural flowers.


  • Electric candles.

Help with time management

  • Two wall clocks;
  • Table clock.

Wi-Fi networks

Unstable internet Get ready to use your personal mobile internet. See also rooms suitable for online work.

psychoplace: up to 5 Mbpsthe password is on the back of the room door.


The table shows the price for renting 1 hour.

since 9:00 till 17:00since 17:00 till 22:00
up to 9 persons500 ₽550 ₽

"All morning" plan (hours block from 9 to 15): sale 20 %

Full day price:

up to 9 persons4 725 ₽


How to get there

Address: Bakuninksaya ulitsa, 14, stroenie 1, entrance next after small staircase, 2nd floor

There's only one way out of the metro Baumanskaya, which leads to Baumanskaya street. Move to the right along Baumanskaya street. In 100 meters, take the first turn right to Bakuninskaya street. In 200 meters, you will see the ZA GORAMI restaurant. To the right of its entrance, there is a checkpoint (free pass) with a barrier gate. In the yard, you will see doorsteps on the left. Go past the doorsteps and turn left. The entrance is in the corner.
Photo route.
Video route.

In the courtyard on the left, you need to go past the porch with stumps and turn left to the corner entrance to building 1. Rise to the second floor and pass into the hallway to the right. The door on the right with a golden lock in the middle of the hallway is office Б-13, opposite the door with the inscription “Рыбина”.


Room panorama 360°

By clicking on the "Start tour" button, you can look around in the office and even walk around this center!


Average room rating: 4.6 of 5 (на основе 14 оценок)

29 March at 11:02
Не очень приятный коридор. Практически нет мест для ожидания. Грязный туалет, видимо, потому что общий для всех арендаторов. В кабинете был неприятный запах. В остальном хороший кабинет.
28 February at 16:06
Всё прошло хорошо, нам у вас понравилось . Уютно, чисто, есть всё необходимое. Думаю, что ещё к вам придём. Спасибо
5 January at 0:58
Уютный рабочий кабинет, со всем необходимым. Спасибо!
15 October 2023 at 10:53
Всё прошло отлично, кабинеты у вас прекрасные! Всего хватило💖
9 August 2023 at 14:05
Всё прошло хорошо, кабинет прекрасен, благодарю! У меня для работы всё с собой, так что из оборудования стол и 2 кресла использовались. Наличие кондиционера как нельзя кстати было - без него было бы очень жарко от светящего в окна солнца. Наличие кулера тоже хочется особо отметить.
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